Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Amazing Movie BUSINESS MAN in this Jan 2011

Amazing Movie BUSINESS MAN in this Jan 2011

After the errant hit Pokiri (2006), remade in all significant dialects in Indian like Tamil and Hindi, ace manager Puri Jagannath is crawling up with Mahesh Babu once again in much looked forward to Entrepreneur, publishing on Earnings 13.Talking about Entrepreneur in the lumination of Pokiri, the manager said that Mahesh Babu's personality Surya in Entrepreneur is in complete comparison with Pokiri's unforgettable Krishna Manohar, IPS. While the personality in Pokiri was fast paced purifying the mafia dirt by becoming an undercover cop himself, Surya in Entrepreneur wants to become a don himself.Then why the name Businessman? It is because his enterprise is criminal activity, the manager included. The movie is set in Mumbai back drop and after Andhrawala, this is new that Puri has set a movie in the economical investment of Indian. It is publishing in Tamil and Malayalam, besides Telugu.

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