Sunday, September 16, 2012


National Telecommunications Commission denied the clamor of the consumers on taking the expiration for prepaid cellphone loads. When I saw the news on the television about it, I felt insulted by the explanation of the NTC officer saying that the disapproval of the claim is for the welfare of the consumers because it may raise the price of prepaid cellphone loads. Do you think this reason is logical enough?Anyways, I am writing this comment about the issue because in the first place if the cellphone load will have no expiration then the cellphone networks will have lesser sales on load. If a person is so thrifty and makes use of his or her cellphone balance for important instances then it should be better, then their balance will be wasted without having it used. It would be better for the NTC officer to provide the real reason than to say something which is a slap in the face to someone who has an idea about economics.

On the other hand, it would be better for the cellphone balance to have the expiration date because for the users, they will play a big role in the growth of our economy. It’s just so unfair in the part of consumers who would want to maximize their own cellphone balance most especially if that’s the only budget they have allocated for cellphone load.Share your thoughts…


Touch Me Not. This is a type of flower that has a small fruit that pops once you touch it. When I was a kid, I have always wanted to pick some of this plant’s fruits and enjoy when it pops. I even try to force pre-matured fruits to pop. While growing older, I came to realize that thinking deeper about the plant will let us realize something.Looking at what our current justice system in the country, we can’t avoid thinking that we still have the “under-the-table” practice despite of the righteous path that our president is trying to implement. I already thought about writing something really sensitive about our place’s political and justice system. There’s nothing really especial or new about our place’s issue or situation, and I really doubt if I will write about it because it may become a very personal issue.

I will not be naming anyone or even the place but what I am writing is the current practice in that place. When it comes to politics, our place has a very silent but very dumb politics because the people don’t think about the future but think about influence and powers today. Voters prefer to vote or support someone who has money rather than the one who really can do the job. Is this the type of politics we would want the next generation to inherit?

I also want to talk about how they deal with cases filed in the barangay. There was a case filed in their jurisdiction but prejudice occurred and since they were not able to resolve the issue, one party wanted to elevate the case but the chairman didn’t want to give the consent. Most often than not, once any of the officials will contradict the process created by their chair, all the rest of the officials will warn or worst send that person home instead of doing their job.Touch me not. This is because of the protection because of money and power. For you to have fair justice you should have a bank and a backer. This 2013, is this the type of politics we want for our barangay? Is this the type of leaders we want to rule in the community we consider as our home? Is this the future we want to store for our children? If we will corrupt everything today, will these be enough to support our living ‘till we get old or ‘till the nest rulers? If we will corrupt everything today, what will we expect our kids to have in the future?

Politics and life is not about just money, fame and power but responsibility and righteousness. Webster’s definition about righteousness, ethical, or moral may not be the same as our definition but we have enough set of rules and regulations to help moderate our actions. It may be impossible, once again to change this but once we have the initiative and courage to do it, then surely we can decrease it.Let’s start a step by step change on the 2013 election. Let’s stop sticking to politicians who stayed in position for so long but had not done anything for a change.